The most determined group of people you’ve ever met.

Revela’s mission is to build and deliver technology that enables real estate companies to successfully operate at scale.

est. 2014


Detroit, MI

We got started after identifying a troubling trend among real estate firms—they had limited visibility into the state of their business and were spending far more time than they wanted managing broken processes that severely hampered the growth of their business.

Compelled to solve this problem, we put together a team of seasoned software engineers and real estate professionals and set out on a mission to build a technology platform that would empower real estate firms to streamline their operations, automate accounting and run their business their way.

With hundreds of thousands of residential units and millions of square feet of real estate being managed on our platform every day, we’re pushing hard to revolutionize the way real estate firms manage their assets through technology.

Our Values

Sniff Out Pain Like a Truffle Hound

Constantly hunt for the root sources that cause our customers headaches. Find what hurts, so we can make it better.

Get After It

Get on your horse and ride. Every. Day. You have the power to make great progress happen. Get out there and traverse new terrain.

Do the Needful

Chop wood. Carry water. The tedious, meticulous, strenuous stuff has to get taken care of by someone, and that someone is you. Through discipline, the impossible becomes possible.

Free the Market

We want to remove our customers' shackles by giving them access to their data in real time and to empower them with the products and services they need to grow unfettered and unencumbered.

Workin' On It

There's always room to grow. The opportunity to optimize your self, talent and life is in your hands. Look at the mountain you're ready to climb with excitement and optimism.

Fall in Love With the Problem.

Problems happen. We don't run from them. We show up with arms and ears wide open. Face challenges with fire, heart and grit. An answer already exists, you just have to find it.

Let's Get Started!

See our system in action. Our team can't wait to meet you and learn more about how we can help.