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Revela is a first of its kind platform built from the ground up to enable you to access more of your data, save countless hours of time, and reduce the cost of doing business.


Revela's Operations software has everything you need to run successful leasing, maintenance and capital projects. Our tools and features help improve visibility and keep your team organized no matter how complex the tasks. Use our unique workflow settings to create processes and procedures that our system consistently enforced across your entire portfolio. It's your entire operation — all in one place.


Revela's Financial Management platform includes a fully integrated accounting and payment processing system that streamlines your accounting processes, automates data collection and ensures data accuracy. Your accounting team will spend less time inputting data and more time analyzing your business' finances with a whole lot less work.


Our Acquisitions focused platform makes it easy to manage your entire acquisition and capital budgeting and improvement process in one simple workflow. Our inspections app feeds data in real time from your team onsite investment opportunities back to your Revela dashboard and enables you to analyze each aspect of the opportunity simply and efficiently.


As the underlying database that powers Revela, our Community Relationship Management platform is the foundation of your user experience. It goes far beyond simple contact management, giving you incredible insight into every contact, activity, email and phone call so you can build deeper relationships with your residents, vendors, investors and team members at scale. Never miss a beat without having to leave your seat.

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