Powering the property manager of the future.

Revela is a property management platform that unlocks new revenue streams and boosts margins. Seriously grow your business while helping investors grow theirs, too.

Where core property management software meets cutting edge financial products designed to grow your portfolio.

Revela is an all-in-one platform backed by a client service team to support smooth operations and consistent growth.

Accounting Made Easy
  • Simplify Even the Most Complex Finances
  • Track All Receivables & Payables, Fees, Markups, Rental Income & Other Charges
  • Spend Less Time on the Books with Automated Payables, Pre-Set Approval Rules & Batch Management
Keep Owners in the Loop.
  • Clear and Concise 24/7 Report Access Including Owner Statements, Profit & Loss, Rent Rolls & More.
  • Streamlined Communications Portal
  • Visibility into All Maintenance Activity Including Requests & Estimates Approval
Manage with Less Overhead.
  • Collect Maintenance Requests, Assign Them to Vendors By Priority, Keep Tenants Informed
  • Customize Project Management Boards to Track Leasing, Maintenance & Capital Projects

Grow with Investors

Tired of the chase and churn with landlords? Retain and grow revenue by helping investors grow, too.



Be a Growth Partner.

Empower owners to secure a line of credit via the platform to fund sudden repairs and capital improvement projects.

Owners have access to "Buy Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) loans that make even the most ambitious (or unexpected) upgrades achievable and affordable.



All the Benefits of Modern Banking

With Revela's banking-as-a-service solution, not only do owners get paid faster, their property expenses are kept out of personal accounts.

A P&L that's the single source of truth it was meant to be.



Elevate the Growth Conversation

Partner with owners on the most impactful long-term strategic opportunities. Understand their portfolio profitability and growth targets.

Gather financial intelligence in Revela that aligns with owner expectations and together, zero in on the next acquisition.


Expand your team with ours.

It takes a village to keep the day-to-day operations moving smoothly, and in compliance with fast-changing laws and regulations. Our Client Services team operates behind the scenes to bring fiscal clarity to your bottom line.


Get visibility into revenue and fast reconciliation.

With trust accounting and passthrough it can be very complex to get visibility into revenue. Revela provides clarity to your bottom line so you can make intentional strategic decisions.

Reconciling large trust accounts is tedious and error prone. We stay on top of everything – from chargebacks to offline payments – to ensure you're shoring up at the end of each month to pay yourself.


Let us send the checks.

Take off the burden of administrative work with payable processing services such as invoice entry and mailing checks via our automated vendor payables process.

Let's Get Started!

See our system in action. Our team can't wait to meet you and learn more about how we can help.

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